5 Reasons Why The $745 Nuobell Dumbbells Are WORTH IT

Known as "The World's Smartest Dumbbells," these Nuobell adjustable dumbbells give you superior quality over the gym's dumbbells, plus they fit right in your home! 

Let's explore the 5 reasons why these $745 adjustable dumbbells are 100% WORTH IT.

1. Just Twist the Handle to Go from 5-80lbs

That’s right. Just twist the handles to adjust a NuoBell dumbbell to the weight you need. Use 10lb settings for light workouts and toning. Use 60-80lb settings for heavier strength training. It’s as simple as that!

2. Swedish-Engineered for Safety

Weights lock in as soon as you adjust. No spinning plates or loose locking mechanisms. You’ll get a smooth, efficient and confident lift every time.  NuoBell’s renowned engineering outperforms all other adjustable dumbbells.

3. You’ll Save Thousands

It would cost upwards of $3000 and take 16 different sets of dumbbells to do what NuoBell does with just one set of dumbbells! Plus, you’ll save on space and won’t need all of those dumbbell racks.

4. Custom Cradle Holds and Secures Weights

Each set comes with its own cradle to hold weights in place and ensure quick adjustments. Just twist the steel-knurled handles for quick adjustment. No loose plates rolling around or damaging the floor.


5. Backed by Finer Form’s 5 Star Customer Service

Our customer service team has thousands of five star reviews because we respond to any issues immediately.  If you have a problem with your purchase, we will solve it!

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