Indoor Exercise Bike with 35 Lbs Flywheel


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This stationary exercise bike is perfect for the bike enthusiast who wants to enjoy good cardio workouts from the convenience of their homes or offices - quietly and smoothly. It is equipped with all the features that you may like - SPD Pedals, Tablet Holder, LCD Monitor with Cadence reading etc.


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  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: Our Heavy Duty Exercise Bike is Backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. An Elegant Indoor Bike with Matte Black Texture You can Rely on.
  • LOW TO HIGH RESISTANCE SETTINGS – Free-Ride and High Intensity Settings are Perfect for Instructor-led Indoor Bike Training, and Indoor Bike Interval Work.
  • BELT-DRIVE 35LB. FLYWHEEL - Our Stationary Bikes Pedal Forward Or Backwards Smoothly. Magnetic Resistance Goes from 3-10 According To Indoor Bike Settings, And Glide Easily As You Brake.
  • FEATURES ALL FUNCTIONS YOU WILL NEED FOR AN EXERCISE BIKE - LCD Monitor with Rpm Cadence Output, SPD Compatible Pedals, Tablet and Water Bottle Holder, Transportation Wheels for Easy Movement
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE FOR SIZE AND COMFORT – Perfect for Indoor Bike Riders 5’1”-6’3”. Raise or Lower the Exercise Bikes Handlebars to Your Body Posture. Professional Cycle Bike Grade seat for Comfort. Perfect Exercise Bikes for Home or Work.
Product Description

The Finer Form Indoor Stationary Bike is perfect for the bike enthusiast who wants to enjoy solid, vigorous workouts from the convenience of their home. 

Built from high-grade, reinforced steel, Finer Form is proud to call our exercise bikes “gym-quality”. With heavy duty cranks, and a 35 pound Magnet Drive system, you’ll enjoy a smooth, high-energy ride with traditional bike levels from 1-10 on an indoor cycling bike that’s responsive to your body, and your needs. Our professional grade seat is also ergonomically designed to be both supportive, and ultra-comfortable as you ride. Our stationary bikes are completely adjustable for seat height and handlebar position and are perfect for riders from 5’1”-6’3”. You can choose from dozens of potential positions to fit your body precisely the way you want it to.

Finer Form also provides the little touches that can make your workouts even better. Clip into the SPD compatible pedals with your cycling shoes or wear regular sneakers. Our high-quality LCD digital read-out provides more accurate results for your workout including RPM. The tablet holder allows you to put your screen directly in front as you cycle.

As elegant as a Peloton Bike, Finer Form’s matte black texture fits with most home décor. And with the bike’s transportation wheel, you can easily move and store your bike where it’s most convenient. The handy water bottle holder will also keep you refreshed as you continue through your workouts.

  • N.W./G.W.: 102 LB/116 LB
  • Weight Capacity: 265LB
  • Package Size: 40.35x9.84x34.25 INCHES
  • Max User Weight: 260LB
  • User Height: 5’1”-6’3”

Could someone advise on the types of clips that are compatible with the bike? You can ride the bike with clip-on SPD cycling shoes, or with flat sneakers. There are settings for both.

What stats does the digital monitor on the bike measure? The digital monitor measures cadence/PRM (rotations per minute), time, distance (in miles), calories, and pulse.

Could someone explain how to adjust the handlebars? There is a mechanism called a Pop Pin on the front side of the Main Frame where the Handlebar Post meets the Main Frame. Loosen the Pop Pin while being careful that the Handlebar Post doesn’t move down too fast and possibly hurt you, adjust the Handlebar Post to the desired height, making sure one of the holes in the Post matches up with the hole the Pop Pin is in, and tighten the Pop Pin.

Can you please send me the specs / dimensions of this bike, when placed on the floor fully built? At its widest point, the bike is 20 inches. The bike is 43 inches long. At its highest point, the bike is 45 inches.

Is there a cost associated with assembly? We provide a tool kit to set up the bike yourself as well as a manual with step-by-step directions. We do not have assembly service, but it normally takes less than 30 min for a single person to set it up.

Can you please let me know the max capacity of your exercise bike? The weight capacity for our spin bike is 260 lbs., or 120 kg.

Is this bike compatible with Peloton or NordicTrack?: The spin bike is compatible with the Peloton app, but the bike itself does not have the ability to connect to Bluetooth. Users would have to connect their earphones to their portable device separately.

Can you confirm that the spin bike has SPD pedals as well as the basket option? We can confirm that our spin bike has SPD clips and shoe cages.

I ordered the bike yesterday and I wanted to know about the warranty for it. And do you offer anything extended? Do I have to fill anything out for it?: The warranty is as follows: The Main Frame is under warranty for 3 years. The cranks, pins, welding, pedals, spindles, bearings, monitor, links and bushings are under warranty for 180 days. The warranty is not transferable.

Please register your warranty with this link - 

Is it possible to purchase another tool kit separately? If you have missing or damaged pieces, please let us know what piece(s), and we will be happy to ship you replacements.

How do I track my bike order? If you ordered through our website, you should be able to track your order under “Timeline.” If you ordered through Amazon, you should be able to track your order under “Your Orders.”

I was wondering if you could tutor me on how to begin the lowest setting zero resistance. There still seems to be some resistance on the lowest setting.: There is a minimal tension on the bike when turned down to its lowest setting. It is very light, though not completely freewheel. 

I hear a clunking noise when I use my bike. What is this from and how can I fix it? It is probably a bearing issue. There are 2 types of bearings in the bike, flywheel and crank. 

Crank bearing issue: The noise happens when the customer rides, but not when they rotate the crank manually (without putting pressure on the bike).

Flywheel bearing issue: The noise happens when the customer rides and also when the customer rotates the crank manually.

The bearing damage is an industry-wide issue. When the shipping carrier doesn't handle the package carefully enough, this happens. We can provide replacement bearings for you, which you can either repair yourself, or we can cover up to $60 of the handyman cost if you choose to hire one.

Do you ship this product overseas?: No, we ship only to the continental United States.

Do you have next day shipping?: Unfortunately, at this time we do not have next-day shipping.

Indoor Exercise Bike with 35 Lbs Flywheel

Indoor Exercise Bike with 35 Lbs Flywheel